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Engineer Design Services

Our typical design package for a hydronic heating system includes the following:

System Layout Schematic

The system layout schematic gives an overall layout of the system and its components and the control logic that allows it to operate. The living area might be radiant floor heat while bedrooms and baths could be panels or baseboard heating. Domestic water heating (DHW) could be included on a prioritized basis through an indirect DHW tank or preheated water routed to a standard DWH tank.

System Schematic

Note: All equipment, size and manufacturer will to called out. Piping and valves sized

Tubing Layout Plan and Piping Header Routing

The tubing layout plan details all circuits and manifolds. This is the detailed installation that locates the area manifolds and the home-run lines back to the mechanical room, line sizes, etc.

System Schematic

Installation Details

The installation details guide the installer and show how various flooring systems and materials are coordinated with the heating system.

Concrete slab-on-grade installation detail

System Schematic

Concrete thin-slab installation detail

System Schematic

Above floor tube & plate installation detail

System Schematic